Human Resources: Challenging Small Businesses

Human Resources: A Challenge for Small Business

human resources toolMany larger businesses have professionals who manage the administration, training, and management of employees: the human resources department.

Small businesses, on the other hand, most likely will not even have a human resources professional on staff. They’re lucky to even keep their HR files in order. Handling HR tasks can present a challenge for small business owners.

The human resource department of large companies may be generalists, or focus on specialized areas such as employee benefits, payroll, training, and management efforts. They may handle common human resources processes include the staffing, hiring, satisfaction, development, and retention of employees. Human resources departments must also stay abreast of important employment and accounting laws. However, small business owners may have no training in these areas and may be especially vulnerable. Nevertheless, small business owners should try to keep up-to-date with changes in payroll and employment laws, and look to a mentor when questions arise.

The field of human resources continues to evolve with new technology for recruitment and employee screening, personality and skills testing, training and development, and payroll functions. Technology is available for small businesses as well, allowing them to access vital HR info on the fly. Small business owners should consider a human resources tool such as online HR software designed for small business. Small business owners can keep track of hiring information, emergency contacts, census data, and benefits packages. With these advancements in technology, small business owners can successfully manage HR tasks.

Look for a way to handle your small business HR needs? Patriot HR is an online human resources tool for small business owners that is a companion to our online payroll software. Maintain paperless HR records, keep track of vital employee records and employment history, and more — online, anytime or anywhere.

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