Setting Up Credit Card Payments in Patriot's Accounting Software

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Setting Up Credit Card Payments in Patriot’s Accounting Software


As an Accounting customer, you have the option to offer payment of your customer invoices by credit card.  Patriot Software has partnered with Clover Connect, a third-party payment processor, to provide you and your customers with a seamless payment experience.  If you have questions about setting up a new or existing merchant account, you can reach Clover Connect Support directly at 877-828-0720.

Patriot Software does not charge any fees to accept credit card payments, however, Clover Connect does have a “per transaction” fee schedule, based on the credit card type. Clover Connect will deduct these fees directly from your account.

Applying for a Clover Connect Account

In order to accept credit card payments in Patriot’s Accounting Software, you must apply for a separate Clover Connect account.  The application is right inside Patriot Software, and once you are approved, you will be given a login to a separate Clover Connect portal, where you can keep track of the credit card payments customers have made, the funding to your bank account, and any credit card fees you have paid.

  • Go to Settings > Accounting Settings > Transaction Settings  > Credit Card Payments.
  • Click the link “sign up using our quick application process.”
  • Click “Apply Now.”

There is a three-page credit card payment application that you will complete in Patriot Software, and will be submitted directly to Clover Connect.

Page 1: Company Info

The Company Info page is pre-filled with your company information from your Patriot account.  Confirm your company information is correct, make any needed changes that you want to be used on the Clover Connect application.  Clover Connect requires your business website address.  Click “Continue.

Page 2: Owner Info

  • Confirm the prefilled Owner name and Email is correct.  This is who will be signing the electronic Clover Connect application.
  • Select the company Organization Type.
  • Select the Owner Title.
  • Select the Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) Type on your business Federal Tax Return, either Employer Identification Number (EIN) or Social Security Number (SSN).
  • Confirm your business Tax Filing Name.
  • Enter the Owner’s home address (not the business address).
  • Enter the Owner’s Social Security Number, Phone, Mobile Phone, Drivers’ License Number and State.
  • You can save your progress and return later to Transactions Settings to finish, or click “Continue.”

Page 3: Bank Account Info

This is the bank account that Clover Connect will use to deposit the credit card payments and withdraw any fees or chargebacks.

  • Enter your Bank Name and select your Bank Account Type.
  • Enter your ABA routing number twice and bank account number twice.

You have the option to use a different bank account for any withdrawals.  Otherwise, check the box to use the same bank account information for both deposits and withdrawals.

Click “Continue.” 

Page 4: Finish Application

You will now need to create an account with Clover Connect directly, review the information that Patriot has passed to them, and electronically sign your application directly in the Clover Connect portal. Click “Finish Application” go to the Clover Connect portal.  

After you have submitted your application to Clover Connect, you will receive an email notification directly from Clover Connect within 24 hours to let you know your approval status.  Once your application has been approved by Clover Connect, they will provide your login information to your new Clover Connect merchant portal. You can also check your application status on your Transaction Settings page in Patriot.

Finish Your Credit Card Settings in Patriot Software

 You will also need to finish your credit card payments settings here in Patriot Software.

Go back to Settings > Accounting Settings > Transaction Settings > Credit Card Payments

Keep the Accept Credit Card Payments set to “Enabled.”  If you ever want to stop accepting credit cards, you can disable this later.

Automatically add credit card payment link to all emailed invoices?  When you mark this “Yes,” this option will be pre-filled to “Yes” at the time you email each invoice.  If you don’t want to show the credit card payment link on an individual invoice, you can change this to “No” on an individual invoice.  You can also do the reverse and mark this “No” here on Transaction Settings, but change it to “Yes” in individual invoice emails as needed.

Receive notifications of successful credit card payments?  If you want to receive an email from Patriot each time a customer has successfully paid an invoice with a credit card, mark “Yes.”

Recording Credit Card Transactions

  • Choose the asset account to record credit card payments.  When a customer has paid an invoice with a credit card, Patriot Software will automatically record the invoice payment for you.

You are now all set to start receiving credit card payments when you email your customer invoices.  For more details, see the help article Accepting Credit Card Payments on Customer Invoices.

You also have other options with your Clover Connect merchant account, such as the ability to accept credit card payments in person and set up recurring payments. See the help article Get the Most Out Of Your Clover Connect Integration for more details.

Should you decide to cancel your account please contact Clover Connect for cancelation of their services.

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